Pendulum Readings


Throughout history, mankind has experimented with many different ways to explain the present and foretell the future. One such method is dowsing using implemints to find information or to locate sources of water or other such materials.  The pendulum is only one of the tools that a dowser might use. However, a pendulum is very easy to utilze and carry. It is simply a weight on a thread, so it makes a great choice for the dowser. Pendulum dowsing has a range of uses and really is only limited by your own imagination . 
How it works;

All things either living or inert give of vibrations. Our own senses can feel and measure these energies but we are often not sensitive enough to notice them! The pendulum becomes a communication device between our conscious and subconscious a bit like a radio receiver. A pendulum receives information from the vibrations of people , places thoughts and other things. It is thought that when we receive the vibrations , our muscles in our bodies respond very subtlety and make the pendulum move in either a positive or negative motion.

The Pendulum can give answers to questions. Be used as an indicator when looking for somethin . Give general advice on matters such as compatibility with another person, suitability for a career or place of residence, or general related questions.

The readings I offer can unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and the situations that surround your life. Pendulum readings can be used to answer many questions you might have concerning your life, love, monetary, and family problems or concerns.

The pendulum readings provide simple yes/no answers to your questions. It can be used to gain very accurate information in regards to any situation you might find before you. Although the pendulum provides simple yes/no answers, this can be used to gain detailed information by asking appropriate questions. An example of a pendulum reading regarding a certain situation might be:

 Does he/she love me?

Does he/she have any romantic interest in me?

  Will I get a promotion ?

 Will I move homes soon?

I ask that you please be very specific in your questioning.

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Cost of  a Psychic Reading ;

Any personal information from you is kept strictlyconfidential.

During a reading I will receive guidance from my  Spirit Guides. Your reading is personal. Every client is treated with respect, confidentiality and compassion.

 I hope my readings can help you to gain insight and clarity when faced with the choices and challenges of life. I do all my readings in love and light, and do not judge anyone based on past experiences, future experiences, or decisions made. Every reading is strictly confidential.

 About your reader: I am someone with a gift,who has spent the last 8 years offering spiritual guidance through PENDULUM DOWSING.  I offer a very down to earth, easy to understand interpretation of your reading. My readings are not sugar coated, so be prepared for honest answers.


Readings are restricted to persons of 18 years of age or older. Disclaimer: We do not provide legal, financial, or medical advice or treatment. Readings are no substitute for medical, legal, financial or therapeutic assistance, in these cases you are urged to seek professional guidance.

We will not be held liable for any outcomes or actions, whether yours or those of another person, that may result from information given. Although caring and accurate advice may be received during a reading, these readings are still to be considered for entertainment purposes only.  

For more information or questions please call me on 0438708994;  or contact me though this site, by using the contact button on the side of the menu.