Crystal Healing (Chakra Cleansing)

Working with Crystals;     Crystals work through vibration, resonance and colour and heal holistically on the physical, emotional and mental and spiritual levels of the person. They help realign the Aura (biomagnetic sheath) that surrounds the physical body and also helps to cleanse and rebalance the Chakras
(energy centres) creating a purer link between the two.             
Uusing a Clear Quartz pendulum over the client's Crown Chakra this will enable her to detect suble energies and whether a particular crystal should then be used on this chakra.

The Chakra System;
    Each of the chakras is associated with a specific colour, crystal, food, element, sound etc and governs certain human emotions and behaviours. Therefore if a chakra becomes blocked, the energy flow or lack of, creates imbalances and dis-ease or disharmony on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the person. 
Pendulum for Dowsing and Crystal Therapy ;    Crystal therapy is a very simple, non-intrusive and can be an extremely powerful process. A treatment session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. It is usually done with you lying down, fully clothed, on a massage couch. The practitioner gently places specific crystals on various positions on and around the body associated with the charkras and the aura. You will simply be asked to relax while listening to peaceful music. The practitioner may also use a crystal pendulum over these areas, as this method also helps to locate imbalances making accurate assessment helping to restore imbalances where they are located. 
Wonderful Benefits of using Crystals;     
Cleanse, Energise and Activate the Chakras.
Promotes Relaxation and Balance the Emotions.
Enhance Wellbeing and can help to relieve Stress.
Clear Negative Energies inyour Environment .

Cost per crystal Healing (Chakra Cleansing)

 Crystal Healing;                                    $40.00  

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The Seven Chakra Symbols and Their Meaning


1. ROOT or BASE CHAKRA  (Muladhara) – Zodiac signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus

The 4th Ray of "Harmony through Conflict"governs the base chakra or root. This chakra symbol represents the most earth centered chakra. It stands for our inherited beliefs through our formative years. Self-preservation, personal survival and our identification with the physical world centers in this bottom most of the main seven chakras.

A healthy root chakra connects you with vitality to your family of origin, your immediate society and to the global community. If your 0-7 years were challenging and without love, then this damaged root chakra will function much differently. Issues of survival such as emotional dysfunction, stress, anxiousness, and restlessness will plague you.

You’ll have fears of letting go, scarcity, poor boundaries, and more. It’s during the 0-7 years that we learn about where we fall in our relationships with siblings, parents, our community, and how we relate to them.



 2. SACRAL/NAVAL CHAKRA (Svadhisthana)– Zodiac signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

The 7th Ray of "Ceremonial Magic" rules this chakra symbol. The second from the bottom of the seven chakras is about our relationships, creativity, sexuality, control and money.

It’s our time of developing individuality and realizing we are a separate entity from our parents and family. Here we learn about the polarity of opposites, male and female, positive and negative. Relationships with the opposite sex are explored here. Blocks in this second of the seven chakras brings lessons on jealousy, betrayal, control and power plays.

3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA  (Manipura) – Zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The 6th Ray of "Devotion" governs this chakra. This chakra symbol connects us with the energy to "act" and is the seat of self-esteem and expressing our personal power. Our relationship to the world around us, and our beliefs about our place within it come from this the third of the seven chakras.

Self-honoring starts here. A healthy third chakra honors emotions, warmth, intellectual understanding, and self-confidence. A keen awareness of your personal power comes from this chakra. It is at this chakra that balance becomes possible through harmony between the upper three and lower three chakras.

Blocks in this chakra symbol cause fear of rejection, over sensitivity to criticism, the need to exert power over others, hot temper, demanding and blaming, judgmental attitudes, feelings of lack of recognition, aloofness, fear of something new, low energy, confusion over which direction to go, and low self-esteem. It is here we learn of self-empowerment, integrity and self-respect.


4. HEART CHAKRA  (Anahata) – Zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

The 2nd Ray of "Love-Wisdom" rules this chakra symbol. It's at this chakra that we start to see the possibilities of the internal and external world...the world of spirit and of form. The heart chakra is the integration point for the seven chakras of the body, because it holds the sacred spark of the divine and the intuition of the Mother.

When the heart chakra symbol is open, we are able to forgive, our lungs are clear and our immune systems are healthy. The higher chakras cannot be assessed till we pass through the heart. A heavy heart is one that carries resentment and anger from denied feeling and emotions, as well as guilt.


To have a healthy heart, you must allow these suppressed emotions to surface, heal, and fall in love with yourselves. Or, suffer from bitterness and lack of forgiveness. An unhealthy heart chakra causes alone feelings and despair. How you love yourselves, you love others. The heart lessons are self-love and forgiveness of yourself.

5. THROAT CHAKRA (Vissudha) – No Zodiac signs

The 3rd Ray of "Active intelligence," is associated with the fifth of the seven chakras. This chakra symbol is all about choice, willpower and the right to speak and be heard. Speaking our peace is our God given right of choice. Having said this, not all we say gives us peace. Some of what we say dis-empowers us...some empowers. What we say is caused by unloving or loving imprints from our past again.

It is through this chakra that we manifest what we want in life. A healthy throat chakra makes your voice clear and it resonates with truth. The words are a creative expression of the honestly and trust we feel within.

Blocks in this chakra make it difficult to communicate because we feel suppressed by swallowed emotions and feelings. The voice is weak and your feelings unclear or garbled. Integrity plays a huge part in the proper functioning of the throat chakra. Since it’s between the head and the heart it works to maintain integrity between what we think and what we feel. Self-empowerment is the main lesson of this chakra symbol.

6. THIRD EYE (Ajna) – No Zodiac signs

This chakra is governed by the 5th ray of"Concrete Knowledge." Our intuition and our ability to see with vision comes from here. It's the center of divine wisdom, the spiritual eye that seeks to see and know the truth in all things. From the sixth of the seven chakra symbols we close our physical eyes and look at the world from all aspects of self. Our intuition becomes our guide.

A healthy third eye gives us the power to perceive every reflection from the outer world, as a direct call for us to accept it as ours, heal and love it.

Blocks in this chakra cause us to become delusional, unimaginative, indifferent and to have poor memories. Worry is a big problem, spaced-out, and poor concentration also plague a person with a sick third eye chakra.


7. CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara) – No Zodiac sign


The 1st Ray of "Will and Power" is associated with this chakra symbol. This chakra is located at the top of the head and spins very quickly as a 1000 petal lotus...our direct connection to God. Guidance comes directly to us from the divine and is received through this chakra.

The life force from the creator penetrates into our energy system through the crown, and moves down through the other energy centers to the root chakra. From here we are inspired by God, and filled with Grace, because we have a strong connection to a power greater than ourselves. We live in present time and our spirits live in the now in harmony with our form and Will.

Blocks in this chakra cause confusion, depression, senility, fear of success and lack of inspiration. The flow of spiritual energy is blocked in both directions. When this happens spiritual addiction and over intellectualizing occurs, as well as dissociation with the body.

Aura and Chakra Imaging

Aura  Imaging

The aura Imaging Station;     This is a multimedia biofeedback imaging system using the science of biofeedback, color therapy and energy medicine to measure, analyze and display an accurate representation of your emotional-energetic state,your aura.

The Aura;
    An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects your state of mind, body and inner being.

What your Aura Photo Captures;    

Lift Side;   The color on the left side is normally the vibration coming into you being. It is what you feel inside but might not have expressed.

Head/Center;    The color over your head is what you experience for youself now. It reflects what you think or believe at that moment and shows your current state of mind.

Right side;    The colour on the right side is traditionally the energy being expressed, the qualites most likely seen or felt by others around you. It is what you are puttion out to the world.

Dark or unbalanced aura colors;    You might be stressed, tired or experiencing emotional problems.

The Aura Video Statation will measure, analyze and process the biofeedback data and correiate this information to specific emotional, energetic states within you. Your Aura Image, which appears on the screen, is a representation of your bio energetic field of Aura. your aura image will change whenever an emotional, metal or physical change occurs. You will have access to reports that will further explain the entire energy field and emotions that you are experiencing. Better understanding of this information will help you attract more success and happiness in you life.
Cost for Aura Image and Colour analysis;    

 Image with colour analysis report       $40.00

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Aura station

The Aura Station and How it Works
The Aura Video station uses the "hand " Biosensor to measure the biofeedback data-the electro-dermal activity and electrical conductivity of the skin of the hand and its temperature in real time. This biofeedback data is analyzed processed and correlated to specific emotional, energetic states and is displayed as the energetic activity or Aura Image of the individual on the computer screen.

Aura Imaging;    



Ionic Cleanse-Detoxification

Ionic Cleanse-Detoxification   

How does it detoxify the body?       The Ionic clease create precisely the same enironment as the walk on the beach, only more powerful because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water. Place your feet in the water , turn on the unit, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes. The particles of fat and mucous leave the body during the first session. You body will feel lighter after the first session. You will think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

What are the healing benefits of Ionic Cleanse?   
1   Liver Detoxification.        

2   Purge Heavy Metals.

3   Increase Energy and Reduce stress.
4   Internal cleansing with body Purge.
5   Improves Sexual relief.       

6   Significant pain relief.

7   Improve Memory & Sleep.   

8   Liver, Kidney & Parasite Cleanse.
9   Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problem

10   Enhance Immune System.

How long can the effects last?       How often to have a treatment?      
 Results depend upon your lifestye. We recommend an initial course of one a week for 6 weeks  COST PER TREAMENT $25.00  

Then once a fortnight for two months. Each treatment takes 30 minutes.
The effects will be more significant if combining Ionic Cleanse, with Foot Reflexology.
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Ionic Cleanse-Detoxification is a simple yet very powerful treatment that may In the course of a full treatment regime, enable the body to re-balance and re-energize allowing toxic wastes that have been recently stored within your body to be released more effectively, which in turn will allow nutrients and oxygen to be absorbed more readily thus promoting a better sense of wellbeing and improved health.